10/6/1985 Superfish

The Queen’s Birthday public holiday – 10th June 1985. Naturally we will all remember that Steve Holland and Clive Churchill were awarded OAMs on that day. Remember Steve – one of our first “Superfish”, and Clive, well Clive… Rugby League I think.


Steve Holland relaxing at Home

Spent that day much the same as I spent this Public Holiday – mooching about with Pip. Public Holiday or not there was a La Bamba meeting to be attended which was apparently short and sweet and was followed by an audition. I guess it was one of theose situations where everyone was too nice to say no, because I can’t think of any reason we would have auditioned classical guitarists for La Bamba, other than no one having the balls to tell them they wouldn’t work with a smoking, drinking crowd of punters searching for amusement late on a Friday night.

This must have been toward the end of La Bamba’s initial life. La Boite had a knew Artistic Director; the crew were getting a little tired and the acts were getting a little harder to pull together… and I seem to recall a resurgence in the fortunes of the main house productions – maybe it all came together later in this year.

Here’s review of La Boite’s A Hard God,  from Semper.



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