11/6/1985 The Ron Layne Supper Club


Now here’s a momentous day – 11th June 1985. For some reason it was the second game of the State v State; Mate v Mate Origin series, and for some reason, NSW won. I don’t know – I’m just sayin’. 

As well as human bricks running into each other, TN! Theatre Company opened A Strategy for Two Hams, QTC (not sure if it was Royal yet) opened Pack of Lies, Cheapside was still playing at the Cremorne and the Australian Ballet were dragging Sleeping Beauty out for another night in the Lyric Theatre. I somehow managed to avoid all of that and attended a La Boite Council Meeting followed by a ZZZ production meeting.

I went straight from work to La Boite for the meeting, which has been dubbed by my diary “quite successful”, then note that I got a lift with Lenny J to Pip’s house, narrowly avoiding a deep philosophical discussion along the way. Not sure how deep that could have threatened to be in a 10 minute trip – but I guess that was Len Johnson. Len was one of the La Boite stalwarts, the ‘old guard’ if you like and was tireless in his efforts. He was a nice fella too, but prone to thinky conversations.

Len dropped me at Pip’s; Pip took me to ZZZ where we made a spot for La Bamba, and then, after the production meeting, Pip dropped me in town and I caught a cab home, fortunately as what we, the residents of the Merthyr Rd house had come to know as, the Ron Layne Supper Club, was in full swing. Ron worked enormous hours at La Boite and often arrived home very late and started cooking. 


1985 – Windows 1

Number one 11/6/1985…



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