12/6/1985 Blood and Peck

Wednesday 12th June was reported by my diary as being a “bloody awful” day (to use the Australian vernacular), largely on account of the fact that I failed to receive a lunch break due to staff absences.

It seems the day was survived and completed with a visit by Pip and her sister, Maria and the viewing of a couple of ancient films. We watched The Paradine Case, the happy tale of a happily married London barrister who falls in love with the prisoner he’s defending. I guess Greg Peck and Anne Todd carried it, because I chose not to bag it in the diary.


Same cannot be said for the second video we watched, Blood and Sand featuring Tyrone Power. My diary rating – “dreadful”. But then I’m not known for my love of your classic ‘illiterate peasant shooting to stardom in the arena then sowing the seeds of his own demise’ flick.


Here’s three examples of the musical roller-coaster that was 1985 – all these from June of that year… It’s the sublime to the ridiculous (in reverse order!)



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