14/6/1985 Happy Lucky Johnny


Another Friday night – another La Bamba. Friday June 14th 1985 – my Dad’s birthday was cause for me to dine with him that night. By now I also realise that Friday nights were Anne Jones and me hitting the supermarket nights. 


So, the order of the evenings activities was, 1. Anne picks me up from work to do the shopping. 2. I rush around at home and get ready to head to the Valley for dinner with Dad, and; 3. La Bamba with all the allure of cheap cask port.

I took my Dad to Lucky’s Trattoria in Ann St, The Valley. Dad hadn’t been there before and I was determined to show him its grimy, dingy delights. Lucky, the tiny restaurateur, was in charge of the till and Dad and I sat out the back in the delightfully appointed cement-floored room which held all the tables at a jaunty angle. I don’t remember what we had, but we did manage to stay there till around 11pm.  I note that I got Dad an Italian jumper and a shirt. – didn’t think I was that good!


Bob – My Dad


After dinner, Dad dropped me at La Boite for the evening’s La Bamba, this week brought to all by the letter ‘Comics’. The bill was,  Stand Up, Stand Up for Comics (which must have featured four comics) and Funny Videos. I’ don’t know whether Funny Videos was a devious, 1985 version of YouTube or a live act, but whatever it was my diary only offers potential and a reminder that when you have two intervals, it’s likely the audience won’t be back after the first one.

The rest of Brisbane seemed impressive tonight – The Johnnys were at the QIT Campus Club with Voodoo Lust and Order by Numbers at the Tube Club.



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