15/6/1985 Beat beat beat…box box box


Saturday morning work – cellar open from 8:30am to 12:30pm. 15th June’s Saturday was fairly similar to others I have recently encountered.

I watched Beatbox when I got home from work and then took what I assume was an extremely rare opportunity for an afternoon sleep. The only thing I remember about this Beatbox is part of the theme, which I believe used a voice, heavily affected by reverb repeating, “Beat beat beat beat – Box box box…”. Confirm or deny that one if you can! 

There were other notable events on this evening. Buffy Lavery and Damien Ledwich came over for dinner and afterwards we attended a Ball. The Ball was held at Ian Clayton’s house in Rathdonnell St, Auchenflower and was, in fact, a “going-away” ball for Ian.


Ian Clayton

I spent the evening, my diary tells me, talking with Scott Austin who had been the drummer for a band I managed much earlier in the 80’s, Ninja Skil. Scott was by far the youngest of the Ninjas and had arty leanings. Ian Clayton also had arty leanings but was happy to put them aside to practice architecture. I also met Lydia Pearson at this Clayton’s Ball.


Lydia Pearson

I got a lift back West End way and made it to Pip and John’s in time to watch the final, Real to Reel. Another mysterious program apparently diary-entry worthy but with a lack of context or substance to jog my sadly aging memory and provide it with a morsel with which to remember it by.

27 years of hindsight suggests I should have gone to the Tube Club in the Valley and seen Ups & Downs. 



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