17/6/1985 Le tête de la cowboy

June 17th 1985 – a Monday – a workday – a La Bamba meeting.


Despite the fact that was really all my diary says, there is a little more to tell. For instance, the La Bamba meeting went reasonabley well despite the lack in numbers of potential performers.

Buffy Lavery drove me home to New Farm and Anne Jones and I had a late dinner and watched TV till 11:30pm.

I also found a letter from the Mayor of Logan in my diary – dated this day. He thanked me for my hard work at the City Anniversary FREEBIE that was held last weekend.  I think I got that gig via Anne Jones, because I think she was a Community Arts Officer (do we still have those?) in the area. It wasn’t a very taxing gig and I got to wear a cowboy hat – de-rigeur for stage managers at outdoor gigs in Queensland to this day – and a large laminated badge with my name and role on it. So, 27 years hence, I say “no worries” Fred.


I will also pan out this day with one of my favourite June 1985 songs…

Falco – Rock Me Amadeus by trashfan


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