18/6/1985 Soul Bin


Tuesday 18th June 1985 seems like an odd night to open a new club. There’s also an odd diary note that says, “7:30am – Caskey to Switzerland?”, then, “NO” in upper case. The various other appointments and reminders are those sorts of things that really bland out a good day, “Pay Rent” and “Pay Phone Bill”.

But once again the evening saves me. Buffy Lavery collected me after work and we drove to Soudan St at Bardon, for to collect David Pyle who we took to Buff’s place for dinner. An après dinner trip to ZZZ to produce a spot, courtesy of Buffy’s speedy demon – a Mazda 323 – 2-door in white with a poo-brown interior as I recall –  


was followed by a trip back to Buffy’s at Main St, Kangaroo Point via Danielle Bond’s place, which was somewhere. I dropped Danielle off at Buffy’s place, collected Buffy, then went to Pip’s place at Highgate Hill to collect her, then we all set off to a new club called, Soul Bin. Now if you asked me straight up whether I’d ever heard of a club called, Soul Bin, I’d tell you ‘no’ – just like that. Don’t have any information, memory or pointers to where or what it was – just that it was disappointing due to the lack of numbers.

It also must have been handy to Le Scoops, because we detoured there afterwards.


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