20/6/1985 Lutwyche is the bombe.

The 20th of June and I met Pip for lunch in the City – we ate at Sportsgirl, who went through a phase of having a salad bar in the basement of their Queen St Store.

I was back down town after work ordering a cake for Pip’s approaching 23rd birthday at Le Scoops. I haven’t noted it, but I’m sure I would have ordered an ice-cream cake that I think was called a Bombe.


A bombe – but not one of Scoops’

It was a mixture of ice cream and gelato and it may, or may not, have had a Miro-esque pattern on the top. I’m thinking it was hemisperical and very smooth. They were quite an extravagance in the day – but sooooo worth it.

Caught a bus to Pip’s place for a Chinese meal then we headed out to do some shopping, managing to navigate a course to one of my least favourite shopping centres (still is) Lutwyche, which was just as creepy and half closed as it is now.


I think it must have been about to end it’s premiere incarnation and undergo the first of many half-arsed facelifts. Still the interesting thing that made it into the diary was our first discovery of the italian deli there – a veritable Alladin’s Culinary Cave at the time. I remember this night. I remember chatting to the owner and his father who were about to open a cafe at Milton. I guess it took them a few more years – it was Joe and Sal Virzi whose La Dolce Vita bought an Italian cafe experience to Brisbane – sadly it didn’t know where to stop and has evolved into a giant, scary monster. Still, their Lutwyche deli was spettacolare in 1985.


Joe Virzi – La Dolch


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