21/6/1985 Hepnotic Hits


Way back on a Friday night, June 21 1985, La Bamba had a World Premiere of a local film called, Hits, written and directed by Stephen Stockwell and featuring a host of local folk in a range of roles chasing each other around Brisbane.

Mark Bracken, Penny Glass, Glen Perry, Michelle Andringa, Jo Forsyth featured on screen. It also features a bunch of songs from local bands in the soundtrack and it’s still an interesting watch…

Part two can be found here. Despite world premieres, I followed my normal Friday night routine of shopping with the house mates at Coles New Farm, and Anne Jones, Ron Layne and I went home and cooked steaks, which we ate in the fine company of Damien Ledwich and Buffy Lavery.

Steak eating gave way to La Boite and La Bamba, but Pip and I appeared to have bunked out of La Bamba duty in favour of a Joint Effort at Easts Leagues Club in Coorparoo. It was one of my faves, The Dynamic Hepnotics, supported by Vicious Kites and The Kents.

I really loved the Dynamic Hepnotics, with Continental Robert out front – my diary contains a very guarded indication that they were “great fun”, what? …and the Vicious Kites were good but boring. 


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