22-23/6/1985 Aroma of the weekend


I’m going to chunk the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd June, 1985 into one. I worked in my cellar for half the day on Saturday and had lunch at Aroma’s of all places – I’m fairly safe in saying that was probably the last time I visited Aroma’s, although I may have coffee-ed at the Regent Cinema store a couple of times since then. I’m assuming the Aroma’s of which I speak was the Hilton one. 

After lunch it was a bus ride to the ferry terminal at the end of Ganges St in Hill End and a ferry ride to St Lucia for a walk to Triple Zed for meeting with “some youngsters” who wanted to start a regular show. I logged no other details – I wonder what it was? Bussed backed to Pip and John’s house for an evening in front of the telly. 

Sunday I had the 10am to 2pm shift on Triple Zed which I always enjoyed and afterwards back to Pip’s place where a party was well-underway for her birthday. Maria Cleary drove me into town to collect the cake I had ordered from Le Scoops. 


Maria Cleary – 1985

The partay continued till around 7pm and I drove Anne Jones’ car home for what my diary convinces me was a cold and early night.



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