24-27/6/1985 Freezin’ and the flu

I’ve picked a good week to fall behind in my postings – there seems to have been little on apart, of course, from Pip’s 23rd birthday on Monday 24th June 1985. This event, I celebrated with a La Bamba meeting and an audition, before a fast bus back to Highgate Hill and dinner with Pip and John and a bunch of Clearys.

I remember these early days with Pip’s parents, Mary and Len Cleary – tiny steps on both sides. Mary liked to bash me on the arm when she was nervous, or fold a napkin and use her fingernail to ‘iron’ the creases. Len was quite jovial. Still, this evening went well and Mary and Len drove me home, seeing as how they were also driving Maria home in roughly my direction. (Thankful for having Maria in the car with Pip’s parents I would have been!)


Mary & Len Cleary

Tuesday 25 June was reported by my diary as being “amazingly cold” and “0 degrees at our house” and I woke feeling ill apparently. (I’m actually sniffling at the moment – is this a 27 year pattern!). I obviously took the only option available and stopped at the local shop for a video on the way home. The local shop video library was a sad resort for the video desperate, renting battered and worn videos well past their prime – my choice, Flying High II and I’ll begrudgingly agree that I may have smiled a couple of times while watching it. Twas electric blankets on the bed and slapstick dreams for me that night. 

Wednesday 26 June was a night filled with the wonders of televison and an early night. (I was sick remember). Thursday saw me leave work early and headed to Pip’s (for sympathy I expect) but she wasn’t home. I headed home via Merlo’s restaurant in Merthyr Rd, where I must have figured a pizza would cure me, before heading back to Pip’s for an afternoon’s recuperative rest on her sunny deck. 

David Pyle, who was I suspect, working for the Qld Ballet at this time, arrived at Pip’s with a dancer named Sally to be billeted for a week or so. Fascinating as that must have been, I was lured away to shopping with the house buddies at the beautifully appointed Lutwyche Mall before heading home to to late night visitors (Jim and Richard reportedly came a visiting quite late – I got nuthin’) and I hit the sick bed.

Now the what’s on listings for this week show that La Boite was opening Logan – I can only wonder why there was no mention of it my diary so far – beginning of the La Bamba end perhaps?




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