28/6/1985 Post-modern osso buco

Now I note from Wikipedia that Friday 28 June 1985 is auspicious for not very much other than AC/DC releasing as album called Fly on the Wall, which has the distinction of not including one song I can head bang along with. None of the tracks ring any kind of bell – hell’s or otherwise.


I do know, though, that there was a La Boite Ball mooted and cancelled for this date, and also that La Bamba wasn’t possible due to technical things happening for a production of John Bradley’s, Logan. Fortunate really, as I was so sick that I couldn’t go to work. Oddly enough, my diary records a day out with Pip. I seem to have managed to accompany her to the godforsaken Buranda shopping centre (I guess that being near a hospital I felt it was a safe trip) and then to Paddy’s Markets at Teneriffe and then for a ferry ride to Hawthorne (sea air being reparative) and finally home in the afternoon to start 

cooking for a dinner party in the evening (food is important when ill – to keep your energy up).


Dave Pyle

Anne Jones and I cooked for Dave Pyle, Laura McKew, Toni Warburton and Tony Biggs (who apparently never arrived).



It’s pleasing to note from this distance that we prepared manicotti, osso buco and ricotta cheese cake. I suspect the manicotti and the cheese cake were products of the James St Cheese Factory, sadly now a small block of poorly executed and badly conceived apartments.


I bet they didn’t get the milky smell out…

 The James Street Cheese Factory was run by a family of American Italians, I think. They had a way with ricotta and ultimately closed rather than cow-tow to the ‘man’ and his anglo-protestant health regulations. It sat empty for years, like it was saying “va fan’culo” to the Council and could re-open whenever it wanted to. Then it suddently turned into a rendered, post-modern couple of crap apartments.

The baked ricotta lives I’m sure, for all who new it’s wonders. I do say, in my diary, that I had to retire early from the dinner party – due to illness. It was either that, or push on to the QIT Campus Club for the Lime Spiders



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