30/6/1985 Pre-Rafaelite Croissants

June 30th, 1985 – FNYE. My diary says I still felt like crap, but rapidly improved following a walk to the breadshop. Whether this was a result of a brisk Sunday morning walk to Van Den Bergh’s bakery in Brunswick St at New Farm or a brave face adopted for the girls in the bread shop I’m not sure, but I’ll go with it.

We used to call the attractive girls in the bakery the Pre-Rafaelites on account of their long wavy hair and, as I recall, their extraordinarily large hands (although I don’t quite get the link to their nickname). Anyway, they were providores of fine croissants and breads which were required on this particular Sunday morning for breakfast with Ron Layne, Anne Jones and Pip.

Following breakfast, Pip and I hit the road for a day’s drive and headed to the north – through Sandgate and Redcliffe and on to Bribie Island for lunch.There was only one bridge to Redcliffe in 1985.


Hornibrook Highway

Bribie also provided us with an opportunity to emulate the Sunday drives of yore, which we all did with our parents and which ended up with a visit to, and walk-through, a Mater Prize Home. They were something special back then. Oohs and Aahs all the way through, following the plastic pathway and keeping behind the ropes across the doorways. Not sure if they still have them – but surely they couldn’t be so impressive as they were in the 70’s and 80’s. Never bought a ticket that I recall, but loved a walk through and I believe there was an unusual concentration of these show homes in Mains Rd at Sunnybank.

Came back from Bribie via an antique shop or two and spent the evening at home with Ron Layne witnessing the launch of SBS 28 in Brisbane – we watched Robyn Archer’s, The Conquest of Carmen Miranda.


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