1/7/1985 The start of the end

The 1st of July was a Monday in 1985. I guess I went to work, but as usual that didn’t rate a mention in the old diary. 6pm was a La Bamba meeting the outcome of which, from my perspective at least, was to question whether La Bamba had run it’s course.

No good shows available it seemed. This may well have been the beginning of the end. It was home to a pizza with Anne Jones after that meeting and a further embracing of our new multi-cultural toy, SBS. Italian TV makes pizzas go down a whole lot better.


Putting aside the excitement of a Swiss film festival at the Centre Cinema in the MetroArts building in Edward St, there was not much else to report, or to do, so I hit the sack with that icon of 80’s literature, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 and completed it.



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