3/7/1985 Back to the cellar

July 3 1985 saw us quickly contact Mr Kuceli regarding a hideous $109 gas bill on the assumption that there must be some huge cavern filling with gas beneath our home, or an alumina smelter hiving off gas from our meter…

Apart from that a fairly non-eventful day unfolded. I went to slave in the dank cellars of the retired officers’ club, but apparently spotted an job ad in the paper (that’s how we did it pre-Seek). I managed to arrange an interview for 8:30am the next day, which left me with the rest of day/evening to prepare a CV carefully crafted to fit the requirements of the position of Clerk/Art Processor for the esteemed firm of HBD Directories, located in beautiful Spring Hill.

Spent the whole night at home crafting this deft piece with Pip’s assistance.

On a completely unrelated note, and in light of the day before yesterday reportedly being the date the time machine in Spielberg’s, Back to the Future was set to – today was the day the film was released in 1985. Spooky, no?


Also, given the “light on’ nature of this post, I give you the number one song of the day…



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