5/7/1985 Guatemalan fish and chips


Friday 5th July bought the world another La Bamba. It was almost cancelled but rose at the last minute featuring the Orellana Sisters, who were Guatemalan singers we provided with the whole show.

I recall nothing of these sisters (and I do not think my learned Googley friend does either) and spent the early evening at home and returning Buffy Lavery’s car to her. My diary notes that my relationship with the automobile had begun to sour even then as Buff’s car began spluttering and shuddering for the first time since I’d had it as we approached Main St and her house. Pip collected me from Buffy’s and we went to dinner at the Saucy Salmon. I am of the opinion that this was a gourmet fish’n’chippery at Rosalie, and my diary gives a stern but entirely unnecessary warning to the 21st Century, that this restaurant “was no good”.

Sadly, my diary also records that La Bamba was no good either, despite the Orellana Sisters being of high quality. I also have a little ‘P.S.’ in the margin to the effect that HBD Directories didn’t require my services.


Pip Cleary

I also note that on this night, Easts Leagues Club had bands on and I can’t think of a reason, other my undieing devotion to La Boite Theatre and La Bamba, that I would have missed Machinations. Perhaps I had no say in it?



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