6-7/7/1985 KAOS on the streets of fire


Remember when the Arnott’s factory was on Coro Dve?

The weekend of the 6th and 7th of July 1985 provided few surprises. A classic work-on-Saturday-morning scenario, followed by a leisurey stroll into the City for lunch at Aroma’s.

A bus to the West End ferry in Ganges St; a ferry to St Lucia and a walk to the Triple Zed studios for a meeting with a group mysteriously named K.A.O.S. and I only know the ‘K’ stood for ‘Kids’. They were late so I nipped into the studio and made the “Could a radio station…” spot (which I also note in le journal was done damn well) until the kiddywinks from K.A.O.S. finally arrived. My mission with these youngsters was to help them with some preliminary editing of a number of vox pops they’d undertaken in the Queen Street Mall about corporal punishment in schools. My diary recalls the interviews were awful, but it was the kids’ first go and they really were young – Grade 6 and 7-ers.

Saturday evening was spent with Pip, John Caskey and Rob & Liz Battle watching that cinematic marvel, Streets of Fire. (watching the trailer, I was shocked at the height of the waists on some of those trousers!)

Sunday was particularly uneventful – good Triple Zed shift in the morning and a bit of hangning round at Pip’s place. The only real news of the day was Ron Layne’s resignation from La Boite Theatre and the subsequent era ending that would cause.


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