8-9/7/1985 Meet you at the meeting

Monday July 8 and another La Bamba meeting after work. Work was even notable today – not for work, but for the fact that I utilised my lunch hour to go into the City, to the bike shop where John Caskey worked, and ordered a bike.


Albert St, Brisbane

I remember that bike – a shiny, gold Repco mountain bike. I don’t remember the shop John was working in, but I think it might have been in Albert St. The bike cost $250. 

Pip collected me apres work and we went to the La Boite for our weekly meeting. This meeting floated changes which would would be the impetus, according to my notes, for many, many discussion befor ethey could be affected.

Tuesday 9th was a virtual replay, ‘cept the meeting was a La Boite Council one. I had a pre-meeting, meeting with  Mike Bridges, about which I know not anything. The Council’s discussion turned to a ‘special meeting’ in the coming week which promised to be ginormous. I suspect the resignation of Mr Layne was to bring about big changes at La Boite – changes which were necessary. Actually, that’s not a suspicion – it’s a position I developed after reading a PhD thesis on the history of the Brisbane Repertory Theatre.


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