10-11/7/1985 The Lolita of Logan

Wednesday and Thursday – mid-1985 – July 10 and 11. As usual, no mention of the real job, all diary notes refer to after work only. Wednesday was unremarkable, even for me. Washing apparently.

The evening seems to have been rescued by the timely arrival of Pip, armed with a video and the early arrival home of both house buddies Anne and Ron. We watched Kubrick’s 1962, Lolita and by my reports enjoyed it immensely.


Thursday was slightly more remarkable given that I attended the Gala Performance of La Boite’s latest production, John Bradley’s, Logan. Directed by Rick Billinghurst.


My diarised and highly erudite review, which can be revealed now, 27 years later – “I enjoyed the show, but it wasn’t very well acted and the script was a bit unsubtle”. So there. I think it was about Captain Logan, the local historical figure who gave his name to the City to the south of us and how, if one letter in his name had been replaced, that City might have had a far more descriptive moniker. Of course, it may not have been about that, but my memory is faded.


Rick Billinghurst

Mr Diary also notes that my new bike was ready for collection today, but that I couldn’t get away from work to go and get it.


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