12-13/7/1985 Stairway to Bohemian La Bamba

Fridays is La Bamba days and Friday 12 July 1985 was not an exception. Before I LB, I managed to collect my new bike during my lunch hour and Anne Jones collected me from work for a spot of grocery shopping.

Headed into La Boite after dinner to an apparently very, very, very long La Bamba. Seems it was another Chris Maver extravaganza, cleverly called Gay La Bamba. My role was as Stage Manager and lighting operator while Pip did front of house. 140 punters showed up and we locked up and headed home at about 2.45am.


Chris Maver


Tony Biggs

Sacre bleu – I had to be at work by 8.30 the next morning, which I managed to achieve with the aid of a taxi. After work, and I now see the wisdom of leaving my new bike at work overnight, I rode to Triple Zed for meeting with Tony Biggs, whose trademark was being late. His trademark allowed me time to make another ZZZ promo spot – well what was a boy to do with a bit of time on his hands and an empty production studio just sitting there staring him? I also booked some studio time to return tomorrow and make a La Bamba spot.


I did not record either whether Tony Biggs actually turned up, or what it was that we were meeting about, but I rode from Triple Zed to Highgate Hill for a chat with John Caskey, then home in time to catch the world television event that was the Live Aid Concert. Pip came over and joined our household for televisual history in the making, which I described in my diary as having been wonderful, “and then the Americans joined in.”


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