15-16/7/1985 The slow march of technology

Monday night it was and another La Bamba meeting at La Boite that meant. Monday 15 July 1985. 

The La Bamba meeting mooted the possibility of a week long show, either late August or mid-September – the seed that would ultimately lead to the birth of the behemoth that was to become Conway Christ – Redneck Superstar. There was also talk of a Christmas Show and of maybe hiring the Woodward Theatre at Kelvin Grove College for a couple of shows in November.


Still I recorded the mood as upbeat and the meeting as having been successful, though with the strange addition of, “well…except for Amanda (Falconer)”. Can’t think what that might have, though she did have an odd way with hiccups. I also added an ominous note to the effect that change for La Bamba is imminent.

Afterwards, Pip and I decamped to Dorchester St where I made slight amendments, customisations and additions to my CV for an application to be the manager of the Griffith Uni Club.

Tuesday the 16th July was not a day of great import except for the momentous technological occassion of my wages being paid directly into the bank for the first time. They can do that you know! I must confess to direct depositing not exciting me as much as the manilla pay envelope bursting with crisp notes and a couple of shiny coins. Pay envelopes also had origami-style payslips inside them – hours of fun. This new fangled bank magic had the immediate effect of preventing my rent cheque from being honoured, due to timing issues and caused a lot of explaining, apologising and denouncing technology to the real estate agent.

I also wanted to do my tax, but alas, had not brought the tax form I so dutifully collected from the Post Office home with me.

Number One on the charts this day in 1985….



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