17-19/7/1985 Community Theatre – Youth Theatre : Discuss

I don’t know. This was the rest of the week that was July 17-19, 1985. On Wednesday the only excitement I had to offer was the 19 minutes it took me to ride to work. 

I note with consternation that I wrote 19 minutes – when people live out in the sticks and are challenged about their travelling time, they always pull out a recent example that only took 19 minutes, like they timed it carefully. They never say 20 or 15 – it’s always 17 or 19 or 33 minutes and I frankly don’t believe them. My work day was followed by a trip to La Boite and meeting about the future of the Theatre Company. A meeting which by my report fiddled about for quite a while before getting down to the nitty-gritti. A discussion paper was presented and seemed to have done it’s job in the conversation stimulation department. Dearest Diary also advised that our meeting eventually got on track and that discussions made some headway, with the Theatre looking like going ‘youth’ in the not too distant future.


Coolangatta 1985

The Thursday was filled with such wonders as completing a tax return can provide, although there was a slight deviation to the Lutwyche Shopping Mall. ABC Radio National ran a story on Qld Community Theatre, which was helpful as the Qld Community Theatre Group  were the act at La Bamba on Friday night. I also collected a registered mail item – a couple of wrist bands for my watch which were wrong. Tech Toch was a fabulously brightly banded diver’s style watch with interchangeable watchbands.


Sydney from CentrePoint Tower – 1985

Friday was the 19th July and Friday was La Bamba – The Qld Community Theatre Group did their performance thing. Their performance thing also involved Laura McKew as the Stage Manager and was a benfit for the QCTG. Their performance thing was also reported as a bit of a dud in my diary, but even then I was renowned for my harsh reviews. I’d also like to mention, though I’m not sure why, that I purchased a short-sleeved, black, really enormous sweatshirt for $19. 

Here’s some 1985 flava…


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