20-21 July 1985 Round Australia by poke

The 20th and 21st of July 1985 were the Saturday and Sunday of another weekend. Another Saturday morning’s work, ’cause that’s how we rolled back then, and another Sunday morning radio shift.

My mother and her huband, Don and his boy Martin collected me after the gruelling morning’s graft in the dank, dark cellars of the United Service Club and we headed to Le Scoops in Elizabeth St for what was described diary-side as a “really large pig-out” (‘pig-out’: a term I have not heard for quite some time, but quite common back in the day I seem to recall!). I was dropping my mother and Don at the bus station so they could undertake the hellish journey to Perth by coach. Braver souls than I, although I do recall a couple of bus trips back then – most notably a prize trip won at a Triple Zed Radiothon which took the form of a Greyhound coach round Australia ticket. I went Brisbane – Townsville – Cairns – Townsville – Charters Towers – Alice Springs – Darwin – Adelaide – Brisbane and have never been on another coach since.


The best thing about my mum embarking upon the hell in a hand basket trip, was that her prized Datsun 180B Station Wagon would be all mine for a couple of weeks. I drove Don’s boy, Martin back to Cannon Hill and then accompanied my Dad on one of his weekendly trips to Northern NSW to play the pokies. Our destination was Seagulls Club. My Dad was a great fan of the pokies and must have poured quite a few dollars into them, but he never seemed to over do it and he loved the Club life – Queensland didn’t have Poker Machine in 1985 and those intent on the evils of gambling had to travel to one of the several wealthy sporting clubs just over the border at Tweed Heads. I occassionally went with Dad – for bonding purposes.

Big day Sunday – my usual radio shift from 10am till 2pm; a working bee at La Boite, paired with Tony Auckland and a La Boite Members Meeting at 4pm. I told my diary that the radio shift went really well. Pip and went to the La Boite meeting, however I reported that due the ‘point’ being mislaid, the meeting did not go particularly well.

A quiet evening was had by all at Merthyr Rd.


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