22-23/7/1985 Keeping up with the Origin

Back to to a Monday in 1985 and back to a La Bamba meeting where something actually happened! 22nd July 1985 and La Bamba finally decided to go fortnightly and to attempt four major shows a year.

I think this meant I had some free Fridays approaching. I wrote in le journal that more of the details would need to be nutted out in the weeks ahead, just before I wrote that I headed home; cooked up a spicy chilli con carne (renaissance man that I am), and stayed up talking to Anne Jones and recording tapes for Sunday.

I had to peak ahead to find out why I was recording tapes for Sunday – turns out it was for Anne Jones’ 30th birthday event.

Anne Jones – Cane Toad Times from State Library of Queensland on Vimeo.

Tuesday the 24th proved to be challenging after work. La Boite was holding a Council meeting, while across the road (literally in those days), Lang Park was holding a State of Origin. Parking wasn’t regulated in those dim, dark days and it was everyone for themselves as far as parking went – footpaths were fair game; churches were fair game; driveways were ignored and public tranpsort was laughable.


Ron McAuliffe Stand – Lang Park

Pip and I battled to get to an unsurprisingly poorly attended Council meeting, the only highlight of which seems to have been a simmering hatred that Laura McKew was plating up for Mike Bridges. Pip and I left the meeting and headed to her sister, Maria Cleary’s house for coffee and discourse till late.


Maria Cleary was into fashion design in 1985



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