1-3/8/1985 Martini – Horsey

August 1985 began as many prior Augusts had – with the horses birthday and my personal favourite, Swiss National Day. Personal favourite because of my heritage. As it happened that a group of my forebears left Switzerland and watchmaking behind in the 1800’s and were drawn, as if by alpen horn to Ma Ma Creek and the stupidly tough life of a selector in black snake country.


Ma Ma Creek – So like Switzerland

Mistakes of history aside, my diary reports August 1 as also being the opening of a show called, Oflission at Belltower (now the Judith Wright Centre). There had been an Oflate earier in the year at the IMA, so I suspect Oflission was just a cunningly titled sequel. Cunning or not, it was really good according to me. I also seem to have enjoyed the opening night party. Pip and I headed to  Highgate Hill after the opening and spent the rest of the evening with John Caskey on the chat.

Friday was the 2nd of August and brought with it an Order by Numbers and UPU Theatre, La Bamba. Pip and I left the theatre just after interval and headed home – Mr Caskey, I noted, headed to Raymond Terrace for a bike race – he being of the cycling persuasion.

Saturday the 3rd has me riding my bike to work via the New Farm Hot Bread Shop and it’s heavenly attendants. After work, I rode to Triple Zed and produced two spots for our soul-sister station, 2SER-FM’s radiothon.


Biked it back over the river after the production and up Highgate Hill to Dorchester St to wait for Pip, who soon returned with Liz Willis


Liz Willis (from a photo by Sue Broadbent)

and we set off to my place, where 17 members of the Cane Toad Times 2nd Collective were gathering, not to discouse on the political situation or the state of the nation, but drink martinis in dainty martini glasses. Helen Hambling and John Stanwell were among the attendant literati and martinis led us to walk to Pasta Joke in Commercial Rd for a fine dinner before Pip and I returned to the relative quiet of Dorchester St.