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Brooklyn bound

Fortunosity has once again smiled upon us, offering up extraordinarily reasonably priced air tickets to New York and affording us a to-good-to-refuse opportunity to make a first foray to the USA. As seasoned westward to Europe travellers, courtesy of of our wanton disregard for financial security, the USA has always been a ‘one day’ travel target and New York, slightly higher as a ‘definitely one day’ destination.

This time, we will be accompanied by number one son; number young son being steadfastly and studiously attempting the final term of year 11 (sometimes I surprise myself with my own naivety!). We suspect that number one son, at the tender age of 22-ish will appreciate some of the finer points of “La Grosse Pomme” to a greater degree than his 15 year old brother, and besides, wee laddie had a french immersion of many weeks just this christmas past. So fairnessosity must be played as the sibling trump card.

airbnb copyThus far, visa waivers have been obtained; a Pinterest board of NYC items of interest established; a Brooklyn apartment in the hipster Williamsburg neighbourhood secured; several pieces of advice on various art museums to see taken on board, and; this blog begun. I think that should just about do it.

scents and flower merchants

In depth NYC analysis

Well, I guess we should figure out who will supervise, feed, clothe and ensure school attendance for number young son. Oh, and sort out money and shit. And travel insurance… and medications… and work out what the hell we ACTUALLY want to see and do for 17 days in New York, but hey, there are days before we leave and we have two books.