Shut Down Turn Off

Should we feel bad that as the American and possibly the world’s economy teeters on the brink, we see only the chance that our dollar might buy a few more US cents and afford us a couple of extra waffles on our holiday? We justify that morbid thought by calling quid pro quo for the number of federally administered landmarks we may well be prevented from setting foot in or on.

While we’re keen to see the touristy ‘big things’ like Madame Liberté, we’re less concerned about being in them. (This is patently a lie and obviously only applies to large, harbour-based statues gifted to the USA by european countries)Image

We’d quite like to pop into the Ulysses S Grant Memorial, but we won’t be distraught if ol’ USG is shut… Can you see how we’re trying to convince ourselves that the shutdown won’t be too distracting or preventing or annoying. Museums we’re maybe not so sure about – there are plenty of private ones… aren’t there? There’s the wonderfully named, Frick; the architecturally astounding, Guggenheim; the Whitney, which must be notable for something we don’t know about, and the M&Ms museum, where you can get the bags of single coloured M&Ms (I’m fairly sure that’s a museum, right?)… there’s plenty.

Toward preparation for departure, the important activity of seat reservation has been undertaken. The boring necessity of travel insurance is done. A new piece of luggage purchased (with 8 wheels – eh! How cool is that – 8) and a power point converter has been added to the growing collection of power point converters, which are a necessity because, you know, chargers for everything.

Bite of the Big Apple

Another guide book…

Oh, another book has been obtained and in an astounding feat of procrastination, Viber has been installed on our phones, so as to encheapen our communications with the old country once we’re ‘stateside’. Stateside makes it sound like we’re off on a WW2 furlough – if only I’d remembered to post that Jeep home, piece by piece.

In other preparatory news, we have almost completed the draft of our soon to be published and leatherette bound, The Book of Rules for number young son to live by in our absence. The companion tome, The Book of Punishments for Breaking the Rules in the Book of Rules, will be re-imagined in a series of easy to read posters to be hung around the apartment. These posters we’re having printed in glow-in-the-dark ink for maximum effect. We are soon to commence talks with his handlers, but these discussions will largely centre on permitted holds and weapons.


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