We’re on the eve of departure.

So… we’re at the stage where it’s late at night. We leave at 4:30am tomorrow. I’ve got two half packed bags and I’ve decided that it’s just the right time to write something. Pro-crasti-blogging.

Modern travel is perplexing – no satisfying little booklets of tickets with their multiple carbon copies. It never feels right just printing off a nondescript piece of paper with a ticket number on it – not even a barcode. There’s also the lingering fear of US Customs and the social media horror stories one reads in which hapless travellers are, seemingly, randomly subjected to appalling treatment and then denied entry to the country. I think I’m rambling and I know that if I go to sleep, as I almost certainly will in a few minutes, that I will have one of those running late and missing everything dreams, that always seem so real.

The big bit
The big bit

So long for a while…


One Comment

  1. Yep half packed bags etc…… my turn next. Procastinating about even getting them out of the cupboard! Still 4 days for us though. Enjoy your holiday. Cheers.



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