Hell for Leather

There are, I think, various preferences for international travel from remote Australia. Some prefer the lackadaisical, ‘break the journey here and there’ approach; others the ‘long layover in middle eastern/asian hubs’ trying to get comfortable in gate lounge chairs; still others of more substantial means or frequent flyer points accrued from work-related travel would never embark without the reassuring safe harbour of the Airline Lounge – we have this last 25 hours trialled another way. Three Airports – BNE, SYD and LAX – en route to JFK and not once did the bottom of any of our party touch the seat of a gate lounge. Perhaps this could be called the ‘hell for leather’ approach, where the travellers reach each of the airports after their flights have begun to board. It’s quick and dirty and relies on delays being avoided. Fortunately for us, delays were avoided, save a tiny peccadillo at LAX involving Ramon and Ansillo the overzealous but not to attentative to detail Border Protection officers, one of whom wrote “2 pax” on our immigration form instead of three, and the other being then required to re-do the passport thing they do and ultimately write “3” on it.

I’m happy to report that Delta Airlines are pretty good for the rabble down the back with excellent levels of service and well edible food. I’m also happy to report that our ‘first contact’ with a live New Yorker in the form of our JFK to Brooklyn cabbie was lovely. He gave us a commentary, explained why those gypsy cabs were a bad idea, wound down the windows, cued us to get our cameras ready and slowed down on the expressway for us to iphotograph the Manhattan skyline and lifted all our bags for us.

Having travelled for 25 hours – I think we… I, everyone is already asleep, will turn in now and drift off to sleep to the sounds of Gotham.



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