Sneakers schmeakers

…and it came to pass that this day would become known as the ‘Sneaker Day’. Now, it is also the 1st anniversary of Hurricane Sandy in NYC and there were many remembrance activities so, respectfully, we supported the business folk of the City, particularly those involved in footwear by setting off to visit the very large Adidas store Noho; the smaller Adidas store in Soho and a range of sneaker stores around and about. Sum total – three pairs. Two for number big son, the sneaker freaker, and one for me. Sneakers stowed in overly large bags, it was number big son’s turn again as we tracked down the recently moved location of Other Music, a quaint but remarkably well stocked store with a huge range of CDs, Vinyl and cassettes. I did the block a few times while he raided the crates.


I should mention that Pip opted for a domestic day, which included sleeping in and travelling to the basement to test out the laundry card of no regret. It worked and we are clothed in clean things now thanks to her selfless efforts. Pip also managed to get in a stroll around the block on the Jewish side of our neighbourhood and brought back footage and pics of things quite strange to the Australian not living on Melbourne – I’ve never seen 5 year olds with payot. I may keep harping on, but I do find this culture fascinating.


We headed off down Havermeyer to a restaurant called Zizi Limona for dinner – great wraps in the guides – promising middle eastern cuisine in a hipster setting. We were therefore unsurprised to find middle eastern cuisine in a hipster setting.

20131029-230248.jpg The food was not the fare we would have expected – salmon with eggplant cooked on a hot stone; Cowshuka – shakshuka with skirt steak, and; Five Hour Bureka – ox tail slow cooked in filo pastry. They served us the most smokiest hummus we’ve ever had and a delicious concoction of banana, caramel brulee and cream for dessert. All 100% yumtastic and set in a gorgeous room. I also got carried away in the hipster spirit of the place and went somewhere I’ve never been – the turkish coffee with date syrup AND cardamon. I felt a beard coming on during the walk home.


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