Right back where we started from.

Please read the the following using an Anthony Bourdain voice. We’re home from New York and home from the constant noise of a constantly whirring city. We’re recovered from the final 14 hour flight that delivered us to our beds by 3am yesterday morning and Pip is at the point where she was able to answer an early return to work call, not enthusiastically, but she’s at work as I write. From 10C to a balmy 26C; from sirens and trains to birds and quiet.

There is much in New York to miss – the life and the action and the ever swirling activity and waves of noise and life that either ooze out of the grimy sidewalks or lift you up with amazement. There’s the confidence and not-quite-arrogance of citizens who know that their a part of a huge enigma, a city that can change from a leafy, brownstone postcard to a down at heel, rusting, boarded up mess as you round a corner. What a place!

It took us a few days to settle into a routine not coloured by years of consuming TV cop shows that have been busily type-casting New Yorkers as either fearsome gangsters, or fearsome slum lords, or fearsome crazies, or crooked cops. The New Yorkers we interacted with were helpful and polite and appeared, astoundingly, just like us. (Mind you, two folk were shot on the ice rink in Bryant Park only hours after we visited). There were unexpected aspects, like needing to remember our Spanish to buy milk, and seeing and hearing more Hasidic Jews speaking, I guess, Yiddish than we ever have. The diversity is wild – Puerto Ricans, Russians, Cubans… name a culture and I’m sure there’ll be a stronghold somewhere in New York. IMG_4068
On a foodish note, the bio-organic is strong in NYC as is the artisanal producer of just about anything edible or drinkable. There is fine coffee easy to find (despite the myths and fear campaigns). 

But for now, those things will be filed away and kept for dinner party chatter. We must now re-focus and come back to terms with our tiny City – world capital of the food court and the chain store. Our trip away let the absurd ideologues that run our State Government fade into the background. I remember now, our people, fooled by hollow rhetoric and inept liberals voted en masse to elect a dangerous moron and his henchman to reek conservative havoc upon the very folk who elected them. Not sufficiently convinced of the error of electing such a sterile, unimaginative cadre, the populace upped the ante and refilled the cup of stupid by repeating this faux pas federally and installing an even dangerouser moron with religious fervour and a penchant displaying his manliness by either boxing or emerging from the surf in speedos (a kind of low budget, wing-nutted Putin if you will) to add to his conservative dogma.

Postings to this blog will be rarer now, unless something interesting pops up during a dinner party chat. street



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