Strike up the mandolins and commence wild gesticulations.

I’m taking off the dust covers and flinging open the curtains… Light is about to flood into this ol’ blog again (or at least one very similar). Plans are a far advanced for a foray into southern Italy. That’s right, surprisingly not foraying into Venice, the home of our hearts. For our first trip in ages sans children, we’ve decided it’s the heel of the boot for us. Those who’ve followed our journeying over the years will surely not be surprised that we intend to base ourselves in one spot for a couple of weeks and explore the region through the medium of day trips.

Now this isn’t happening tomorrow. We depart on Boxing Day, which is 100 and something days away, but we’ve already booked flights and accommodation, mostly. The bulk of our time in Puglia will be spent in Conversano, near Bari. We will fly into Roma for a couple a’days, then we’ve AirBnB’d a trullo in an olive and cherry grove to act as our base for 19 days. We’ve still got to find a car to hire; book our Roma accommodation for arrival and departure; brush up our Italian to at least basic coffee ordering level; and, save money while watching the euro’s daily fall against the dollar.

Still, there will be a blog, copious Instagrams, much Facebook gloating and many Tweets. We hope to see and eat the delights of cucina povera, drink the vini di Puglia and soak up as much of the culture as we can in our short stay.

This early post is a request for tips from those of you who might know the area or some of its charms. Now is also probably a good time to pop over to the new blog…