Dreamliner … Pfft!

We’ve rekindled our dislike for the Dreamliner. So crowded for a 14 hour flight – such thin seats for a 14 hour flight. Still. We made Abu Dhabi in reasonable shape and had a not so crowded flight to Roma – even got moved to a ‘with leg room’ seat.

Roma met us sunny and mild at about 1pm. The airport arrivals lounge offered us many taxis we did not want as we threaded our way to parking bay 24 to wait for our bus to the Amelindo Residence in Fiumicino, the small, beachy locale the airport is named for. It was one of those square, multi-storied buildings so typical of Italy. Given our lack of sleep for the previous 24 hours, Amelindo’s clean sheets and large, warm room were just what the dottore ordered. Over the road was a small bar with a big name, Baci e Abbracci and a delightful Christmas laser light show inside that made us look like we about to fall victim to a distant sniper,  and a pizzeria. The pizzeria required that we wait till 7pm for it to open, so we hit the bar thinking to sink a couple while we waited. 7pm is a stretch for those who’ve endured a 23 hour flight – trust me.

I feel a little uncomfortable …

These little local bars are gems. One man operations with a coffee machine and a selection of spirits and red wine; soft drinks and ice creams; crisps and nuts. We ordered a couple of drinks and a packet of chips, and the man bought us a small dish of olives. He also bought us two complimentary toasted sandwiches – bocconcini and tomato and a mortadella, egg and mayo. Our second drinks came with more olives, nuts, chips and snacky bits. The need to wait for the pizzeria had been negated. Our tired bods needed nought but sleep, and that is what they took. For tomorrow we drive.


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